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Once you are logged into Windows 8 box, hover the cursor towards search and type "System Restore" keyword and click on System Restore. On clicking on System Restore it will take us to the "System Protection" tab of the System Properties window. Initially, click on Configure and check on Turn on system protection and click OK. Click on Create and give a desired name to system restoration point and click on Create which will create System Restoration point.

Monday, 09 September 2013 09:25

Enhancements in Windows Operating System 8.1

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Enhancements in Windows Operating System 8.1

Start Menu
Personalize: While accessing Start menu we can go to Settings > Personalize in order to change Start Menu wallpaper, background color and accent color.
More options while re-sizing Tiles: We can now re-size the tiles by right clicking on them and this time we are given Large, Wide, Medium and Small options while re-sizing.

Customize Tiles: On right clicking on Start Menu we are provided with Customize options with which we can arrange tiles according to names or date and time of installation.
Note: On clicking on downward arrow in Start menu ( ) we can view complete list of apps in the Start menu.

Sunday, 01 September 2013 04:53

Desktop.ini notepad file on Windows 8 startup.

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On logging into Windows 8 machine you will be receiving a desktop.ini file with content that says:


Wednesday, 28 August 2013 11:10

How to map Sky Drive in Windows 8 Operating System?

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How to map Sky Drive in Windows 8 Operating System?

Mapping Sky Drive in the computer is the best alternative to installing the Client console of Sky Drive. In order to map the share drive go to Start > All Programs > Microsoft Office > Microsoft Word (any of the Microsoft Office package will do).

Did you ever use calculator available in Google Search engine?

Once you launch you need to type calc which will bring online calculator. You can perform simple to complex calculations including finding trigonometry values. We can also give the direct problem which we are looking for so that it will provide the solution in the calculator directly.

Examples include:

5+5 =

10 (12 (235)) =

50 (cos25) =

154 (sqrt 25) =

How to share Ubuntu Desktop with Windows Operating System?

Firstly, go to Ubuntu desktop and in applications click on Remote Desktop Sharing. Check Radio button “Allow other users to view your desktop.” Under security section you can check “You must confirm each access to this machine” and also suggested to create a password by checking “Require the user to enter the password”.

It’s not mandatory to check these but it can protest your Ubuntu Desktop from potential intrusions. Once you choose your options click ok. Now, in Windows desktop launch Ultra VNC and type the password of Ubuntu Desktop and click connect. You will be prompted to enter the password you have created in the Ubuntu box. Once you provide this authentication password you will be connected to the Ubuntu Desktop

How to use Ubuntu Desktop without installing Operating System?


Oracle Virtual Box – If you are planning to use Ubuntu Desktop in Virtual Machine.
Blank DVD – If you are planning to install the Ubuntu Desktop on bear metal

Oracle Virtual Box

Step 1:
Download Ubuntu operating system ISO file by going to and in download section click on Desktop. Now select operating system bit version next to Ubuntu 13.04 and click on Ubuntu 13.0.4. Now from the next screen click on download and save it in your desired location in hard disk.

Step 2:
1.) Now launch Oracle Virtual Box and click on New and type Ubuntu under Name and click Next.
2.) Provide RAM size of your choice and click Next.
3.) Select “Create Virtual hard drive now” and click create.
4.) Select VMDK (Virtual Machine Disk) and click Next.
5.) Select Dynamically allocated and click Next.
6.) Click folder icon and choose location of your choice to save VMDK file and provide hard disk size of your choice and click create.
7.) Now select the Virtual Machine and click settings.
8.) Under settings Click on systems and select boot priorities as 1) CD/DVD ROM 2) Hard Disk under storage select the Empty DVD drive and browse the ISO image location to map the ISO image. Select Network and select Attached to: “Bridged Adapter” and click on Advanced and select Promiscuous Mode as Allow All and click on OK.

Step 3:
Now Start the Virtual Machine and in the prompt you receive click on Try Ubuntu which will bring up Ubuntu OS console.

On Bare Metal:
Burn ISO image you have downloaded from and mount it is CD/DVD Drive. Select the boot priority of your desktop/laptop as CD/DVD and Hard Disk and reboot the machine so that it boots from the CD/DVD. Now click on Try Ubuntu which will provide the Ubuntu Operating System without installing it in hard disk.

Sharing Files and Folders between Mac Lion OS X and Windows 8

Windows 8 to Mac Lion OS X

Create a folder in any desired location of your choice in Windows 8 box and provide share permissions to it by right clicking on it and going to properties.  In properties click on sharing tab and click on share to add the list of users to whom you want to give access to. In case you want to provide access to all the users in your network type “everyone” and set Read and Write permissions and click on Share which will generate path to share the Folder. Now login to Mac Lion OS X and click on “connect to server” or +K  in order to provide the IP address of Windows 8 box in the format smb:// and click connect. On clicking on connect  you will be prompted to login with username and password of Windows 8 box. Once you provide the credentials  folders which are shared from Windows 8 are replicated.

Mac Lion OS X to Windows 8

Once you login to Mac Lion OS X go to System Preferences and click on Sharing. Now check the radio button for “File Sharing” which will turn on File Sharing. Now, click on options and check radio buttons “Share files and folders using AFP”, “Share files and folders using SMB (Windows) and account and click done. Now under Shared Folders Window click on + sign and choose files and folders of your choice to share and parallel you will have option to choose access levels. Now, go to Windows 8 box and hit Windows+R (Run Box) and provide IP address of Mac in the format \\ and click on Run which will open the Window that displays files and folders that are shared from Mac Lion OS X.

Saturday, 03 August 2013 14:43

How to download YouTube Video?

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How to download YouTube Video?

We can download YouTube Videos in 2 different ways.

From Mozilla Firefox:

Once you launch Mozilla Firefox go to Tools and click on “Add-ons” or the other way is by hitting Shift+Ctrl+A so that Add-on Manager window will come up. In the search bar we can type keywords like YouTube Download or Easy YouTube Video Downloader etc., so that available add-on plugins are provided. Select the add-on of your choice and click on install so that on installing the add-on it will prompt you to restart. On restarting the Firefox access video of your choice in You Tube and you will be provided with option to download video of your desired format.

From or

Copy URL of the You Tube video and past in the URL field of this website click on download so that it will provide you with prompt to run Java applet. Click on Agree and Run so that list of available formats will provided to download. Click on the hyperlink of your choice to download the videos.

Friday, 02 August 2013 08:29

Adding your printer to Google Cloud Printer

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Adding your printer to Google Cloud Printer

In order to add your local printer to Google Cloud printer launch Google Chrome and clock on “Customize and Control Google Chrome” and go to settings. Once you are in settings click on “show advanced settings” and click on “Add Printers” under Google Cloud Print. Once you click on Add printers login to your Google Account so that it will pull up all the printers that are installed in your PC or Mac. Click on “Add Printers” so that it will add all the printers to your Google Account

How to give prints using Google Cloud Print

Once you add the printers to you Google Account you can give prints by going to either Google Docs or clicking on preview file in Gmail. Once you launch the document you can click on print through which you can give print jobs to printers in remote locations.

How to share you printers with your friends?

Once you login to Google Prints by clicking on towards left pane you will have Printers options. Once you click on Printers list of printers integrated to your account will be pulled. Now select printer of your choice and click on share to add email address of your friends (only Gmail address) and select access levels and click on Share.

How to send a file that is less than 100 MB to your friend without email address?

Launch any browser of your choice and type in the address bar. Once you are in click on “Browse” and select a file (should be less than 100MB) from your computer and click on upload. On uploading the file it will generate a url which can be shared with our friends in social community sites like or

Using Anysend application

Download and install anysend application by clicking on “Free Download” from and on installing the application it will request you to provide your email address for activating the application. On providing the email address it will send an activation code to your email to activate. Once you activate the application click on plus sign and add the required number of files and folders and provide email address and hit on enter to add the recipients. You can also include brief text message and click on send. You will be provided with status of the files that are being sent.



Monday, 29 July 2013 14:12

How to share files using

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How to share files using is one of the best alternatives available in the market for Google – G Drive and  Microsoft – Sky Drive

Login to and click on “Start Uploading to box” which brings up browse window. Once you select the files click on upload. After the upload completes click on share option next to file name which will generate url to share the file. You can send the url to your friends emails by clicking on send.

Sunday, 28 July 2013 07:17

Oracle Virtual Box on Windows8

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How to install Oracle Virtual Box on Windows8

In order to install Oracle Virtual Box we need to go to and click on the download link. Once we are in click on x86/amd64 which is available next to VirtualBox 4.2.16 for Windows hosts. Save the file in the location of your choice in local hard disk. Once download is completed double left click on Virtual Box source file to complete installation.

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